bidr – an independent trading desk

bidr is an agency trading desk – a specialist cross-channel digital media trading and optimisation company.

bidr will open up the digital media landscape for brands, allowing them to deploy more targeted, relevant display, mobile and search campaigns, reducing waste, protecting their data and producing higher engagement and response rates. Our transparency means no hidden or arbitrary markups.

We know there are many clients in the Australian market frustrated at their inability to unlock the opportunity presented by digital media and customer data –  we strongly believe there is a role for a new breed of digital media independent in this market which is able to transparently leverage screen-traded media.

bidr uses best of breed advertising technology, an ever-evolving mix of inter-related platforms, to deliver on its audience and data strategies. “As one of the first agencies in Australia to actively leverage screen-traded digital media and audience targeting as far back as 2008 we have proved the value of combining micro-segmentation, audience insights and real time bidding.

The methodology and models that underpin the bidr model have evolved from the innovative approach to digital media that Longtail, bidr’s parent company, developed over the last four years, integrating strategy, technology, creative and execution.